Monday, April 13, 2009

Non diu morabor

Anarchore left a remark "Is this a Kike Log?" which only goes to prove that it is really hard not to write satire. Gratifying as it is to know that someone, somewhere actually reads this drivel the tone is a tad disturbing, sort of like if asking if this is a "N*gg*r Log," it says a lot about the character of whomever wrote it. Methinks the author could be a Neo-Nazi/Islamo-Fascist or just a useful idiot for the Islamic cause, probably the latter.
Make a blog entry about how the President of the United States abases himself before the Saudi King and this moron thinks this is about Zionism. Bring up the subject of the growing threat of Islamic Fascism to world peace and somehow this is all about Jews. Granted Israel is the canary in the coal mine and if that nation succumbs to Islam then Western Europe will soon sink into the same barbarous swamp.
The only good thing about Islam is that Muslims are a lot better at killing each other than Kuffar. Moderate Islamists are like moderate Nazis and if they have their way we may look forward to moderate honour killings of women by male relatives, moderate clitorectomies of young girls, moderate hangings of gay men, moderate beheadings of apostates from Islam and a new moderate Dark Age.

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