Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Impunitas semper ad deteriora invitat

Somalis traditionaly have held Kenyans in contempt and they are dissing Kenyan born Barrak Hussien Obama big time by attacking another U.S. flagged ship Liberty Sun.

Somali pirates attacked and damaged an American ship carrying humanitarian
aid Tuesday, but the ship and crew were safe under Navy escort, the military and
shipping company said.

Somalian pirates seize 2 more ships, fire on other vessel Apparently undeterred by the might of the armada of many nations including Canada, France and the U.S. arrayed against them, Somali pirates seized the Lebanese-owned cargo ship MV Sea Horse, the Greek-managed bulk carrier MV Irene E.M. and two Egyptian fishing boats. That is over a hundred new hostages in a single day which means that this rag tag gang of quat chewing brigands is capable of taking on the navies of the world. They know perfectly well that if they are attacked it is the officers and men of these navies will be tried by the International Criminal Court, not them.

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