Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wash, rinse & repeat...

  • Is it just me, or does it look like Israel is starting to fall back on hitting empty buildings, sports stadiums, etc.? Seems like we've been down this road before in 2006.
    The pattern: 1) Israel starts out with an aggressive military response to the terrorists - the goals are somewhat fuzzy, but it does feel cathartic. 2) The terrorists go to ground quickly after taking a minor hit to key forces and weaponry. 3) The Arabs riot in the streets of Europe and across the middle east. 4) Western govts get nervous and turn the screws on Israel to pull back and negotiate and make peace. 5) The media reports it as a humanitarian tragedy story, complete with the pathetic pictures of Palestinian kids, leading to massive pressure on Israel to call it quits. 6) Israel gets nervous and starts doing non-strategic things like flattening empty buildings, to avoid civilian casualties, while trying to figure out what to do next in the face of strong and (to them) unexpected international condemnation. 7) The enemy, seeing that Israel has no real war plan, starts claiming victory, i.e. "survival" in the face of the onslaught of the world's 4th largest army blah blah blah, and uses some of its mostly-untouched forces and armaments, which were, of course, hidden beyond the IDF's reach. 8) Israel calls it off and tells its citizens it won. Everyone knows otherwise.
    We seem to be roughly at stage 6 right now.
    The key ingredient in this repetitive mobius strip of failure is the inability of Israel's government to correctly anticipate the global pressure it will be under to call it off before a successful conclusion. Israel keeps expecting the world to be sympathetic and supportive. Israel is delusional.
    Sorry to take the wind out of the sails of anyone who's pumped up and thinking Israel is on the way to a grand victory. I see Lebanon II unfolding, rapidly.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbour in December 1941 only a few thousand Americans were killed or wounded but the American aerial bombing of Japan by August 1945 had killed or wounded six million Japanese. Was this a disproportionate response? Japan became a much better country after this Bushido death cult was eliminated. Gaza would be a much better place if Israel is permitted to destroy this Hamas death cult but alas this will not happen.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Taliban Hit Pakistan Town That Fought Back -

Taliban Hit Pakistan Town That Fought Back -

"A suicide car bomber set off an explosion at a school in Shalbandi that was serving as a polling place, as voters lined up to elect a representative to the National Assembly. More than 30 people were killed and more than two dozen wounded, according to local political and security officials. Children and several policemen were among the dead." This was a reprisal for a posse from Shalbandi that earlier had hunted down and killed several Taliban fighters for murdering eight local policemen.
Meanwhile in Gaza Egyptian border guards have fired upon Palestinians fleeing Israeli assaults on Hamas according to The Press Association. "At least 300 Egyptian border guards have been rushed to the area to reseal the border, the official added on condition on anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to the press. A resident of the Gaza Strip side of the border, Fida Kishta, said that Egyptian border guards opened fire to drive back the Palestinians."
These Palestinians in Gaza originated in Egypt a few generations ago and the Taliban, a creation of the Pakistani security services, are murdering their coreligionists with great alacrity. Such is the pathology of the Religion of Peace.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Al Jazeera English - Middle East - Abbas blames Hamas for bloodshed

Al Jazeera English - Middle East - Abbas blames Hamas for bloodshed

Here is something from the if pigs had wings they could fly department. This story goes on to say that Hamas is not allowing the wounded to go to Egypt for treatment: "Egypt's foreign minister has also blamed Hamas for preventing hundreds of wounded Palestinians from entering Egypt via the Rafah crossing for treatment - the only crossing that does not border Israel.
Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the wounded were 'barred from crossing' and he blamed 'those in control of Gaza' for putting the lives of the injured at risk."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jihad Watch: Saudi top dog to Bush: Get the Israelis to stop

Jihad Watch: Saudi top dog to Bush: Get the Israelis to stop:
"CRAWFORD, Texas (AFP) — Saudi King Abdullah told US President George W. Bush by telephone on Saturday that major countries must take action to halt Israel's attacks on Gaza, the Saudi state news agency SPA reported...."
A Saudi King askes an American President to jump. "How high?" is the answer no matter if the President is named Bush or Obama.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Fort Dix Five - part of global jihad

The Fort Dix 5

  1. Mohamad Shnewer, 24, of Cherry Hill, U.S. citizen born in Jordan. Graduated from Cherry Hill High School West in 2003; attended Camden County College. Drove for All City Cab in Philadelphia, did construction work and worked at family's Plaza Food Market & Halal Meats in Pennsauken.
    Verdict: Guilty of conspiracy to kill members of the U.S. military and of gun charges.

  2. Dritan "Tony" Duka, 29, of Cherry Hill, ethnic Albanian born in the former Yugoslavia; immigrated illegally with his parents in 1984. Operated a roofing business.
    Verdict: Guilty of conspiracy to kill members of the U.S. military and of gun charges.

  3. Eljvir Duka, 25, of Cherry Hill, ethnic Albanian born in the former Yugoslavia; immigrated illegally with his parents in 1984. Dropped out of Cherry Hill High School West. Operated a roofing business. Verdict: Guilty of conspiracy to kill members of the U.S. military and of gun charges. Found not guilty of gun charges related to his brothers' attempt to buy weapons from an FBI informant.

  4. Shain Duka, 27, of Cherry Hill, ethnic Albanian born in the former Yugoslavia; immigrated illegally with his parents in 1984. Dropped out of Cherry Hill High School West. Operated a roofing business.
    Verdict: Guilty of conspiracy to kill members of the U.S. military and of gun charges.

  5. Serdar Tatar, 25, of Philadelphia, legal U.S. immigrant born in Turkey. Dropped out of Cherry Hill High School West. Delivered orders from his father's pizzeria to military personnel at Fort Dix. Was assistant manager of 7-Eleven store on the Temple University campus.
    Verdict: Guilty of conspiracy to kill members of the U.S. military.

The evidence suggests quite clearly that these men from disparate nationalities, cultures and languages were brought together by the same doctrine that drives al Qaeda (Sunni Wahhabis), the Mumbai mujahideen (Sunni Deobandis), Khomeini-faithful Iranians (Shia), Hamas (Sunni Muslim Brotherhood types), Hizbullah (Lebanese Arab Shia not necessarily faithful to the Persian Khomeini), Sudanese, Somalis, Indonesians, Nigerians, Bosnians, Chechens, and the list goes on and on and on. So what is that Common Enemy Threat Doctrine that unites these globally distant and unrelated groups? Ask them. Don't listen to the apologists or even the "experts" who want to suggest that they know better what motivates these groups than the groups themselves. If you simply listen and read what the global jihadists themselves say, it is for all practical purposes identical: The Law of Jihad as articulated throughout Shariah's 1200 years of development.
In other words, this is not some modern 20th century phenomenon. It is not just the work of the Muslim Brotherhood developed in the 1930s-1950s in Egypt. It is not just the oil-soaked Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia. It is a war against infidels that has been waged since Mohammed came onto the scene.
When you find yourself reading what some "expert" or some "Muslim leader" or an academic apologist says they REALLY mean when they speak of jihad, know you are drinking Kool-Aid. There is a fundamental difference between being informed by the mujahideen who are doing the murdering and the Shariah authorities--both classical and contemporary--from whom they claim to take instruction on the one hand and the secondary or tertiary literature of the academics and "experts" that is just spinning another "viewpoint" on the other.
Indeed, the latter will tell you at the end of the day that global jihad is all your fault. Western colonialism, imperialism, and institutional racism. Of course, that is not the common language of the mujahideen. Yes, some will take up the Palestinian gripe or the presence of US infidels in Saudi Arabia or Iraq. But that is not a common theme. The only common threat doctrine they all espouse is Shariah and its law of jihad. And, you need not take our word for this. The facts as evidence exists independently of what we say. It is found in the polemics and political tracts of Hamas, al Qaeda, Khomeini, Dow Jones Shariah authority Mufti Taqi Usmani, and many many others.
That of course is why the Fort Dix 5 were convicted. The evidence came from their own mouths in taped conversations; from their own computers; and from their purchase of real weapons to wreck real havoc.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jihad Watch: The OIC calls on the media to suppress the truth

Jihad Watch: The OIC calls on the media to suppress the truth:
"“It is therefore hoped that media will avoid resorting to any reference to Islam when narrating such events in order not to disseminate erroneous information that might jeopardize the basic human rights of Muslims, the world over.”
The media are being asked not to report the facts about terrorism carried out in the name of Islam. Unpleasant though this may seem, and however difficult it may be for the OIC to swallow, the press have a responsibility to report the facts as they see them, and this must including the words and deeds of the terrorists. Respect for the truth, for facts, must come first. To deny the facts and to silence freedom of expression is the first step along the road to tyranny."

Friday, December 19, 2008

West paying jizya to Taliban » Winds Of Jihad

West paying jizya to Taliban » Winds Of Jihad:
"The West is indirectly funding the insurgency in Afghanistan thanks to a system of payoffs to Taleban commanders who charge protection money to allow convoys of military supplies to reach Nato bases in the south of the country"
That and the heroin trade is keeping the jihadists in lots of money to pay for weapons and soldiers. As in the comic strip Pogo where it is revealed that "We have seen the enemy and it is us."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SteynOnline - CHRC: Infidels are not a protected category

SteynOnline - CHRC: Infidels are not a protected category:
"Commission canadienne des droits de la personne - S’attaquer aux gais, aux occidentales et aux juifs n’est pas nécessairement haineux"
So according to the Canadian Human Rights Commission if you are a christian pastor who objects to gay marriage you will be subjected to a lifetime speech ban. However, if you are a Muslim imam who says, among other things: homosexuality is a perversion and spreads disorder, gays and lesbians should be exterminated, those caught preforming sodomy should be beheaded, infidels (non Muslims) live like animals, men are superior to women, Jews spread corruption and chaos, Christianity is a religion of lies which goes against human nature which is the reason the West is full of perversity, corruption and adultery - all this is protected speech. Why? Because attacking Gays, Jews and Christians is not necessarily heinous according to the Lynch mob.
Here caution is warranted because it is okay for a Muslim Imam to say these things (which is as it should be as freedom of speech includes drivel) but some have faced a week long trial at the B.C.H.R.T. kangaroo court for quoting such Imams. Anyway read more for yourself here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai photographer: I wish I'd had a gun, not a camera. Armed police would not fire back - World news, News -

Mumbai photographer: I wish I'd had a gun, not a camera. Armed police would not fire back - World news, News -

Armed policemen refuse to fire back at terrorist? Sounds like too much sensitivity training or perhaps the are acting under some very strange rules of engagement. Perhaps they knew these are still only "suspected" gunmen and must convicted as such by a judge and jury before they would be allowed to shoot back.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Supertanker is easier to hijack than an airliner

2 January 2009 is coming soon, and Osama bin Laden has big plans:
There is debate on how effective a floating bomb would be.
While some analysts have said ships carrying crude oil or liquefied natural gas (LNG) could be captured and detonated, Storey noted that crude is not very flammable and LNG carriers are robustly constructed and include significant safety features.
Ships carrying ammonium nitrate are a bigger concern -- the fertilizer is highly explosive when mixed with fuel oil and was used in the Oklahoma City and Bali bombings.
When a fire detonated around 2,300 tons of ammonium nitrate aboard a vessel in Texas City's port in 1947, the blast caused a 5-meter tidal wave that swept through the town. At least 567 people were killed and more than 5,000 injured. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and two small planes were blown out of the sky.

Holy Land Foundation defendants guilty on all counts | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News

Holy Land Foundation defendants guilty on all counts News for Dallas, Texas Dallas Morning News Latest News

The Holy Land Foundation was found guilty of money laundering by funneling money to Hamas. C.A.I.R. was an indicted co conspirator in this case.

Sunday, November 23, 2008 - Society of Americans for National Existence , CAIR Sued by Former Clients for Racketeering, Fraud, & Breach of Fiduciary Duties - Society of Americans for National Existence , CAIR Sued by Former Clients for Racketeering, Fraud, & Breach of Fiduciary Duties:
"November 24, 2008 – Washington, DC: Four clients of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have filed a federal civil complaint alleging criminal fraud and racketeering against CAIR, a self-described public interest civil rights law firm. The lawsuit also names CAIR’s national leadership as individual defendants."

Looks like the chief apologist organization for Islamo-fascism is facing a civil action under R.I.C.O. laws in the U.S. This is a story worth following.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Michael Jackson coverts to Islam changing his name to Mikaeel | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre

Michael Jackson coverts to Islam changing his name to Mikaeel The Sun ShowbizBizarre

Well it is the religion of pedophiles after all.

Today in Piracy: Who are these pirates? What are they doing on my ship? - Posted

Today in Piracy: Who are these pirates? What are they doing on my ship? - Posted: "During WWI the British Royal Navy employed 'Q-Ships' or decoy vessels with concealed weaponry which would lure a U-boat into making a surface attack then destroy it. By shooting and killing these pirates on the high seas and leaving the corpses for the sharks would save the expense of trials, convictions, appeals and incarceration. No worries about moaning and bleating from the 'human rights' industry either because, who would know?"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jihad Watch: Somali jihadists reaping benefits of piracy

Jihad Watch: Somali jihadists reaping benefits of piracy

It has always been a Muslim tradition to rob and loot caravans, after all that is how the Prophet Mohammad got his start, so seaborne piracy is just a logical extension. Al Qaeda has been promising something bigger than 9/11 and their number two man was critical of Barrak Obama for his apostasy. A great deal of ransom money has been extorted from ship owners and no doubt some pirate loot will be used to finance terror.
2 January 2009 is a good guess as any as a time for the next big one. The where should be somewhere around the Horn of Africa. Perhaps a radiological bomb contaminating some oil field in the Middle East would be another good guess.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Petition denounces "Kuffarphobia"

TO: The Chair of the 2009 UN World Conference Against Racism
AND TO: The Chair of the Human Rights Council
AND TO: Louise Arbour -UN Commissioner for Human Rights
AND TO: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
We the undersigned hereby declare and state as follows by this Petition:
  • 1. Freedom of speech, freedom of beliefs, respect for minorities, and separation of religion from government are the foundations of democracy. Shariah law undermines, seeks to limit, and weakens these foundations.
  • 2. “Islamophobia” is defined as the defamation of Islam. Muslim nations seek to include on the agenda of the 2009 UN World Conference against Racism a discussion of “Islamophobia” as a form of racism and intolerance, and seek to find practical solutions to deal with this issue.
  • 3. We submit that any discussion of “Islamophobia” and the defamation of Islam must also include a discussion as to the truth regarding statements made about Islam. In most jurisdictions around the world, truth is a defense to defamation. Similarly any discussion regarding defamation of Islam must also include a discussion of whether statements were made in good faith with a reasonable belief that they were true, whether they were opinion rather than a statement of fact, and if they were statements made with an honest belief in their truth as a matter of public interest. Again such enquiry is a defense against defamation in most jurisdictions.
  • 4. “Kuffarphobia” is defined as the defamation and loathing of all things non-Islamic and of all non-Muslims. If the 2009 UN World Conference Against Racism includes on the agenda a discussion of “Islamophobia”, then it must also include a discussion of “Kuffarphobia”. The discussion regarding “Kuffarphobia” should also include the items mentioned in point #3 above.
  • 5. Advocating or promoting genocide and the public incitement of hatred against any identifiable group by willfully promoting hatred should be outlawed. This not only applies to “Islamophobia” but also applies with respect to “Kuffarphobia”, and therefore both should be explored by the UN. It is our contention that it is “Kuffarphobia” that promotes and willfully incites hatred. Criticisms of Islam do not promote and willfully incite hatred but rather educate and enlighten others regarding the goals and aspirations of Shariah and a worldwide Caliphate which are incompatible with democratic principles.
  • 6. Where free speech does not advocate or promote genocide and where free speech does not incite hatred by willfully promoting public incitement against an identifiable group, it should not be suppressed or diminished in any manner. Free speech is the cornerstone of any democracy, and it should be guarded and defended vigorously. However, all speech that incites others to kill or oppress others in the name of God or religion must be unequivocally condemned.
  • 7. Kuffarism as disseminated by Islamists is a form of racism. Those who seek to establish a worldwide Caliphate by abolishing all non-Islamic culture and beliefs and imposing Shariah law above all other laws are guilty of racism and should be condemned. It is a contemporary manifestation of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance to permit the dissemination of an ideology that preaches its dominance over all others. An ideology that is intolerant of differing beliefs, that does not permit freedom of religion, and does not tolerate or accept as equal those individuals wishing to convert to a different religion is a manifestation of racism. Equally an ideology that does not adhere to the principles of dignity and equality inherent in all human beings is a racist ideology and should be condemned by the UN.
  • 8. Furthermore an ideology that does not promote and encourage universal respect for the observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion is contrary to the very principles embodied in the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination adopted and ratified by the General Assembly of the UN, and should be condemned. Practical solutions to deal with this issue should be explored by the 2009 UN World Conference Against Racism.
  • 9. Any statement, condemnation, action or otherwise concerning “Islamophobia” must A Priori include the same statement, condemnation, action or otherwise concerning “Kuffarphobia”. To do otherwise would not only be hypocritical, but would actually promote the very racism that is sought to be eliminated.
  • 10. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and proclaimed by the UN General Assembly states in Article 18: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”
    The principles of Shariah, the doctrine of “Kuffarphobia”, and many of the teachings of Islam are contrary to this article, and this racism should be addressed by the 2009 UN World Conference Against Racism.
  • 11. The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination states that any doctrine of superiority based on racial differentiation is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous and without justification. As many of the tenets of Shariah and Islam advocate a doctrine of superiority this should be addressed by the 2009 UN World Conference Against Racism as well. Such beliefs and tenets encourage and foster racism.
  • 12. Certain individual rights are enshrined in the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Among those rights are the rights to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Also included are the right to freedom of opinion and expression and the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. In light of these rights, the 2009 UN World Conference Against Racism should explore and examine the infringement of these rights with respect to the concepts of “Islamophobia” and “Kuffarphobia”. It is our submission that Shariah laws and “Kuffarphobia” contravene these enshrined principles and rights and therefore should be addressed by the Conference. It is also our submission that it is not Islamophobic to illuminate that Islam does not respect these rights and freedoms.
    In conclusion, any discussion of “Islamophobia” must include a discussion of “Kuffarphobia”. Each must be analyzed as to whether any defamation exists in either concept. It is submitted that if there is truth and justification for such statements, then they are not defamatory. Exploring “Islamophobia” alone gives one a myopic view, as only half of the picture can be seen. Therefore if the 2009 Conference is to have any meaning, any rational, or any effect, then it must explore all aspects of both “Islamophobia” and “Kuffarphobia”.
    Free speech should be a sacred and inalienable right. Any doctrine or ideology that purports to limit, infringe upon or diminish such a right should be condemned. Any ideology that uses intimidation and threats of violence against those exercising their free speech should also be condemned. It is our contention that “Kuffarphobia”, Shariah, and many of the tenets of Islam as an ideology are incompatible with the principle of free speech. As such they contravene the principles of the UN, and the UN should address this fact.
    Where there is truth and justification and where there is no incitement to genocide or public incitement of hatred in a willful manner, then free speech should prevail. If one bans criticism of Islam, then one must ban criticism by Islam as well. Furthermore, it is our submission that criticisms and opinions should not be banned. Accordingly, the 2009 Conference should also deal with the issues of intimidation and violence against those who speak out against Islam and Shariah. It is the responsibility of the UN and all governments around the world to ensure that free speech is protected and those that use this right are protected from harm and intimidation. This too is enshrined in the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.
    We the undersigned demand that the UN and all world governments stand for what is right, fair, and just. We demand that both “Islamophobia” and “Kuffarphobia” be examined according to the issues outlined in this petition.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prince Charles to be known as Defender of Faith - Telegraph

Prince Charles to be known as Defender of Faith - Telegraph: "The move would mean the monarch, as Supreme Governor of the Church of England, would no longer be known as Defender of the Faith for the first time since the reign of Henry VIII.
The Prince caused controversy within the Anglican church when he floated the idea several years ago of becoming Defender of the Faiths in an attempt to embrace the other religions in Britain.
In a compromise he has now opted for Defender of Faith which he hopes will unite the different strands of society, and their beliefs, at his Coronation"
Damion Thompson goes on to say "On the face of it, the loss of a definite article from a title carried by every English monarch since Henry VIII might seem a harmless gesture. It is nothing of the sort. The edited formula will cause tremendous harm, not least because “Defender of Faith” is too vague a phrase to interpret clearly.
“The Faith” in the original title is Christianity, originally Catholic, then Protestant; in recent decades it has been understood to mean Christianity in general. The Monarch’s title is a specific recognition of his or her responsibility to preserve the unique, sacred status of Christianity in our society. To be sure, its importance is symbolic, but there are few more powerful things than national symbols.
In contrast, what does “Faith” without a definite article mean? Sociologists are still unable, after 200 years, to agree on a definition of religion. The same goes for faith.
Prince Charles’s intention is to extend his symbolic protection to members of minority religions - Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Especially the latter, one suspects. How many times does the Prince have to be told that the pure form of Islam utterly rejects the notion of true religious diversity?
And where, Your Royal Highness, do we draw the boundaries of the “Faith” you defend? Is Scientology a proper faith? Is Spiritualism? Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Aryan Nations? How are you going to tiptoe through the theological and constitutional minefield created when unscrupulous, bizarre or extreme religions demand Royal protection - as they will?
It’s a shame to have to say this on the Prince’s birthday, but this whole idea has a whiff of vanity about it. It’s as if the heir to the throne is saying: “Britain is a multi-cultural society, so aren’t you lucky that I contain multitudes?”
As our report points out, this change to the Monarch’s title can be made only by rewriting the Royal Titles Act. Alas, we can have no confidence that Parliament will do its duty - that is, to refuse to enact a “subtle but hugely symbolic shift” in our nation’s constitutional identity. Nothing would give Labour, Liberal Democrat and trendy Tory MPs greater satisfaction than to delegitimise Christianity in this fashion.
Has the Archbishop of Canterbury sanctioned this plan? if so, shame on him. “Defender of Faith” sounds jolly grand; it trips off the tongue. But don’t be misled: it is the Royal equivalent of replacing the word “Christmas” with “Winterval”. Not for the first time, I find myself hoping that our Queen will live even longer than her mother, fortified by her undiluted Christian faith."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lawsuit filed in defence of Marine vet’s anti-Islam decals

Lawsuit filed in defence of Marine vet’s anti-Islam decals:
"Lawsuit filed in defence of Marine vet’s anti-Islam decals. Ann Arbor, Nov 13, 2008 / 06:56 am (CNA).- A Marine veteran whose anti-terrorist and anti-Islam vehicle decals hindered him in visiting the grave of his fallen son at Arlington National Cemetery has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the military order which rebuked his display of the decals.
Jesse Nieto, a 25-year Marine veteran, served two combat tours in Vietnam. His youngest son, Marc, was one of the seventeen sailors killed in the terrorist bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in October of 2000"

This item comes from the Catholic News Agency. It proves that "military intelligence" is an oxymoron in this case.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Words mean different things to Muslims

Click on Wolfgang Bruno for an essay on Taqiyya: the art of deception. Muslims understand some words to mean different things than to infidels. A few examples are quoted below.

  • Peace: "Peace" in Islam equals submission to the will of Allah through his divine and eternal law, sharia, and the extension of the Dar al-Islam – or 'House of Islam' – to cover the entire world. The absence of sharia is the absence of peace. Since it is the will of Allah that Islam will rule the entire planet, entering non-Muslim lands to subjugate the population and wipe out their corrupt, infidel culture is not seen by Muslims as "waging war," but as spreading peace.
  • Freedom: Hurriyya, freedom, means freeing all people from being slaves of the laws of men and making them live in perfect slavery, in submission to the will of Allah and his laws.
  • Religious freedom: Subjugation of non-Muslims to religious apartheid and second class citizenship in their own country under Islamic rule. This option is only available to Christians and Jews, not Hindus, Buddhists or others, who have only the choice between embracing Islam or death. Muslims should practice sharia. Since these laws require the subjugation of non-Muslims, "freedom of religion" for Muslims essentially means the freedom to make others unfree.
  • Jihad: Peaceful, inner struggle that has killed up to 80 million people in the Indian subcontinent alone, and enslaved or killed tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of people on three continents for 1350 years. It can also be violent, but only for defensive purposes, such as the Muslims who defended their way from the Arabian Peninsula to the borders of China, wiping out the indigenous cultures along the way.
  • Aggression: When non-Muslims do anything to preserve their culture and resist the Islamization of their country. Even when this "aggression" is non-violent, such as publishing a cartoon critical of Islam, this intolerable insult to Islamic supremacy on earth can be answered with violence by Muslims. Since a refusal to submit to sharia is a rebellion against Allah, the very existence of non-Muslim communities can be viewed as an act of aggression.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 January 2009 could be the next 9/11

  • OSAMA bin Laden is planning an attack against the United States that will "outdo by far" September 11, an Arab newspaper in London has reported.
    And according to a former senior Yemeni al-Qaeda operative, the terrorist organisation has entered a "positive phase", reinforcing specific training camps around the world that will lead the next "wave of action" against the West.
    The warning, on the front page of an Arabic newspaper published in London, Al-Quds Al-Arabi - and widely reported in the major Italian papers - quotes a person described as being "very close to al-Qaeda" in Yemen.
    The paper is edited by Abdel al-Bari Atwan, who is said to be the last journalist to interview Osama bin Laden in 1996. According to the report, bin Laden is himself closely following preparations for an attack against the US and aims to "change the face of world politics and economics". Jihad Watch
  • On 2 January 1492, Granada was surrendered. In most sumptuous attire the royal procession moved from Santa Fe to a place a little more than a mile from Granada, where Ferdinand took up his position by the banks of the Genil. With the royal banners and the cross of Christ plainly visible on the red walls of the Alhambra: ...the Moorish king with about eighty or a hundred on horseback very well dressed went forth to kiss the hand of their Highnesses. The Moorish King and the Moors who were with him for their part could not disguise the sadness and pain they felt for the joy of the Christians, and certainly with much reason on account of their loss, for Granada is the most distinguished and chief thing in the world. Nation Master
  • Battle of Zenta: (Sept. 11, 1697), decisive military victory of Austrian forces over an Ottoman army at Zenta (now Senta, Yugos.) on the Tisa River during a war (1683–99) between the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League (Austria–Poland–Venice–Russia), a victory that made Austria the foremost power in central Europe. Encyclopedia Britannica

Osama bin Laden decided upon 11 September as a date for attacking the United States for a reason. Something is up with al-Qaeda so a likely date will be 2 January, 2009 because Osama has a penchant for choosing anniversaries of famous battles where Islamists were soundly defeated by Christians.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Robert Spencer coined an new term "Islamorealistic."

"November 8, 2008
Hate Muslims? Of course not
If you speak honestly and accurately about the Islamic jihad doctrine and the Islamic supremacist agenda, and even confine your case entirely to quotes from authoritative Islamic sources and spokesmen, you will still be accused of "hating Muslims." This is the constant refrain of apologists for jihad and their useful idiots in the West -- and they constantly have recourse to it because they know that it is effective: it turns the Left and much of the squishy Right away from the message of the "hater," regardless of how outlandish and unjust the charge is.
Myself, I don't hate Muslims. I love Muslims. Telling the truth is not an act of hate. I am not "Islamophobic," I am Islamorealistic. I tell the truth about Islam and work to defend Western civilization and society from the encroachments of a legal and societal system that oppresses Muslims and non-Muslims alike."

So here is an Islamorealistic thought: Barak Obama a.k.a. Barry Obama who attended an Islamic school as a child in Indonesia might have been considered a Muslim by some at the time. Now President-Elect Obama insists that he is a Christian, so if he is to be taken at his word that means he must be regarded as an Apostate from the Islamic faith. It is common knowledge that the Quran mandates death for apostasy so hopefully the Secret Service is aware of this.

Indonesia executes three Bali bombers by firing squad | U.S. | Reuters

Indonesia executes three Bali bombers by firing squad U.S. Reuters: "JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia has executed three Muslim militants sentenced to death for the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings that killed 202 people, the television network TvOne said on Sunday citing an unidentified source."

It is not often that justice is meted out to the guilty but here is a rare example. Perhaps death by firing squad is too dignified, hanging would be more appropriate, but the result is the same.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The week in pictures: 31 October 2008 - Telegraph

An astonishingly clever Zionist honey trap according to Mark Steyn:
Ayatollah Khomeini's "Blue Book" and its helpful advice on romantic matters: "A man who has had sexual relations with an animal, such as a sheep, may not eat its meat. He would commit sin." Indeed. A quiet cigarette afterwards as you listen to your favourite Johnny Mathis LP and then a promise to call her next week and swing by the pasture is by far the best way.

Friday, October 31, 2008

IDF soldiers do not rape Palistinisn women are racists?

Here it is alleged that Israeli Defence Forces soldiers do not rape Palestinian women because they are racists.

This is not a joke, who could make this up? Perhaps it has not occurred to the author that the lack-of-rape of Arab women by Jewish soldiers is because the I.D.F. are too fastidious.

  • A research paper that won a Hebrew University teachers' committee prize finds that the lack of IDF rapes of Palestinian women is designed to serve a political purpose.
    The abstract of the paper, authored by doctoral candidate Tal Nitzan, notes that the paper shows that "the lack of organized military rape is an alternate way of realizing [particular] political goals."
    The next sentence delineates the particular goals that are realized in this manner: "In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it can be seen that the lack of military rape merely strengthens the ethnic boundaries and clarifies the inter-ethnic differences - just as organized military rape would have done."
    The paper further theorizes that Arab women in Judea and Samaria are not raped by IDF soldiers because the women are de-humanized in the soldiers' eyes.
    The paper was published by the Hebrew University's Shaine Center, based on the recommendation of a Hebrew University professors' committee headed by Dr. Zali Gurevitch.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This is a story about a real martyr, Mansuur Mohammed, who was murdered for converting from Islam - the religion of peace - to Christianity.


NAIROBI, Kenya, October 27 (Compass Direct News) – Among at least 24 aid workers killed in Somalia this year was one who was beheaded last month specifically for converting from Islam to Christianity, among other charges, according to an eyewitness."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Iranian ship was floating radiological bomb meant for Israel

Here is an item that the MSM spiked. A weapon of mass destruction aboard an Iranian ship, the Dianat, is intercepted by Somali pirates, some of whom sicken and die after exposure to the radioactive contents of the ship and, somehow, this does not make the newspapers or television news.

Iranian ship was floating radiological bomb meant for Israel: "Within a period of three days, those pirates who had boarded the ship and opened the cargo container with its gritty sand-like contents, all developed strange health complications, to include serious skin burns and loss of hair. And within two weeks, sixteen of the pirates subsequently died, either on the ship or on shore"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Says Arab world campaign contributions 'may enable him to win U.S. presidency'

Libian leader Muammar Gadhafi endorses Obama for President of the United States

Says Arab world campaign contributions 'may enable him to win U.S. presidency': "Sen. Barack Obama is a Muslim of Kenyan origins who studied in Islamic schools and whose campaign may have been financed by people in the Islamic and African worlds, Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said during a recent televised national rally.
'There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim, who had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama,' said Gadhafi in little-noticed remarks he made at a rally marking the anniversary of the 1986 U.S. air raid on his country.
The remarks, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI, were aired on Al Jazeera in June."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jihad Watch: UK: Al-Qaeda operatives brainwashed "suggestible simpleton" to commit suicide attack

Jihad Watch: UK: Al-Qaeda operatives brainwashed "suggestible simpleton" to commit suicide attack

The Spectator

Melanie Phillips has some interesting things to say about Barrak Obama in her blog:

The Spectator: "You have to pinch yourself – a Marxisant radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so"

Oddly enough by March 2009 there will likely be an American President and Congress more socialist than the Canadian Government. Now Canadians will have to view the U.S. from above and slightly to the right.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Corner on National Review Online

Macleans Magazine won this round against the Sock Puppets much to Mark Steyn's dismay. He was hoping to appeal a kangaroo conviction to a real court and to this end he has offered them a $1000.00 contribution to appeal his acquittal. He notes correctly that this was a political acquittal not a legal one because the kangaroos are shy of convicting a well known novelist and political commentator who has the backing of a large media conglomerate which can deploy $800.00 an hour lawyers.

Should they turn their attention to some obscure blogger, such as your humble scribe, then a conviction is assured. Follow the link for the complete story

The Corner on National Review Online

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Military News - Canadian Forces to recruit at mosque

Military News - Canadian Forces to recruit at mosque

Does anybody else think this is a good idea? This is going to be a good news, bad news scenario. The good news is that most Muslims will not be interested in joining the Canadian Armed Forces and possibly going to Afghanistan to fight their brothers in Islam. The bad news is that a few probably will join and thus become trained in Canadian Armed Forces weapons and tactics. If sent to Afghanistan they will go over to the Taliban with whatever weapons they can steal.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pat Condell is nobody's dhimmi

Barak Obama and the PLO

Not only does Barack Obama’s church of 20 years support Hamas and Hezbollah but Barack Obama also has a long close friendship and financial association with suspected former PLO operative and Israel hater Rashid Khalidi. Last night Sean Hannity dared to report Barack and Michelle Obama’s radical associate and friend.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

YouTube censors Pat Condell's latest video | EuropeNews

YouTube censors Pat Condell's latest video EuropeNews

YouTube, owned by Google, has censored this video by Pat Condell no doubt because of pressure of Islamo-Fascists. If you wish to see this video follow the link above. Oddly enough by censoring this video Google will probably have made it more widely viewed.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

FrontPage Magazine

This article was found in FrontPage Magazine which I have copied and pasted in it's entirety. She sums up my views with more eloquence than I can muster.

What Is An “Islamophobe?”
By Brigitte Gabriel

For the past five years, I’ve been traveling the world in an effort to inform people about the threat of radical Islam. I have often been accused of “hate speech” and “Islamophobia.” The latest was in an article in the New York Times, where I was described not just as an “Islamophobe,” but a “radical Islamophobe.” This made me question what those terms really mean. What is the difference between “hate speech” and “free speech”? What is “Islamophobia” and who are the true “Islamophobes?”
“Hate speech” verses “free speech” is easy to define. All over the United States, so-called “progressive” individuals and groups berate the USA and Israel and in the process tell outrageous lies about both countries. That’s called “free speech.” When others, including me, tell the truth about the threat of radical Islam, that’s labeled “hate speech” by many of these “progressives.”
But what is “hate speech” and what is “Islamophobia”? When I describe the threat presented by radical Islam, I quote chapter and verse from the Koran and authoritative classical Islamic sources. When I describe the worldwide campaign of Islamist hate indoctrination against the West, and the mind-numbing mass violence committed and glorified by radical Islamists, I am relaying facts that have been published by print and electronic media outlets all over the world. Do some of the facts about Islamist supremism manifest “hatefulness?” Certainly. However, it’s not my fault that the truth about Islamist supremacist teachings and edicts is that they promote hate. I wish they didn’t. But wishing doesn’t make it so (contrary to the belief of the New York Times). The Koran explicitly tells Muslims to hate (terrorize, subdue, oppress, and slaughter) the unbeliever until Islam is supreme in the world: "Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I am with you. Give firmness to the Believers. I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.’" (Koran 8:12)
The Koran explicitly preaches that Christians and Jews are descended from monkeys and apes. In the more than 13 centuries since the emergence of Islam, this strict Islamic dogma has never been abrogated, amended or ameliorated. It is the Koran that is guilty of “hate speech.” I merely am the messenger exposing this hate.
Which brings us to “Islamophobia” and “radical Islamophobes.” According to the dictionary, the suffix “-phobe” comes from the Latin phobos, which means “fearing.” Do I fear radical Islam? You bet. Do any of these locales ring a bell? London subways. Madrid train stations. Bali night clubs. Beslan elementary school. They are all locations of horrendous terrorist atrocities committed by radical Islamists, with scores of civilian fatalities and hundreds maimed. I can name hundreds of other locales, from all over the world. If fearing radical Islamist terror makes me an “Islamophobe,” then I am an “Islamophobe” in its healthiest manifestation. In light of recent history, I submit that it would be (at best) foolhardy to be otherwise.
Things get a little more complicated when we get to “Islamophobia.” The dictionary defines a “phobia” as “an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.” Anyone who thinks that my fear of radical Islam is “exaggerated,” “inexplicable” and/or “illogical” is invited to take the world terrorism tour referred to in the preceding paragraph, or read my two books, which I submit as evidence from a personal and factual level. If exaggeration or illogic are required elements in the definition, then my fear of radical Islam is NOT “Islamophobia.”
If that was not sufficiently complicated, when used as a suffix “-phobia” can include “intolerance or aversion for” the object of the phobia. Am I intolerant of mass murder, justified and glorified in the name of Allah? Yes, I am. Do I have an aversion to subway and train bombings? Yes, I do. According to that definition, my fear of radical Islam would be “Islamophobia.” However, if my intolerance of mass murder and my aversion to nightclub bombings makes me a “Islamophobe,” then I submit that my so-called “Islamophobia” is fully justified and logical and therefore not a phobia in the usual sense of the word.
The next question must be: what distinguishes a “radical” Islamophobe from a run-of-the-mill Islamophobe? Perhaps they should be distinguished by how their Islamphobia affects their behavior. My “Islamophobia” motivates me to stand up and speak out about the threat of radical Islam. My “Islamophobia” motivates me to tell-the-truth. This definitely makes me a “radical.” Examples of conventional Islamophobes abound. Their fear of Islam motivates them to censor themselves in the face of Muslim threats and intimidation.
The best-known example is the craven failure of the major American media to stand up for freedom of the press during the Muhammad cartoon controversy. Anyone who will read this will be familiar with the details. There was much hand wringing in the media about freedom of speech, but only three newspapers in the United States had the journalistic integrity to print the cartoons in solidarity with the Danish newspaper which originally printed them.[1] Only one newspaper in the United States actually had the integrity to admit that they were not printing the cartoons because of “fear of retaliation from . . . bloodthirsty Islamists who seek to impose their will on those who do not believe as they do….”[2] The rest declined to do so, usually offering as their rationale that the cartoons were “offensive,” and they were being “respectful” of Muslim “sensitivity.” Approximately two dozen periodicals in 13 European countries ran the Muhammad cartoons, “insisting that they will not allow thugs to decide what a free press can publish.”[3] The New York Times itself dutifully reported on various European newspapers printing the Muhammad cartoons in solidarity with and support of the Danish newspaper.[4] The Times could have taken the hint and printed the cartoons, but was apparently oblivious to the irony of being taught a lesson in freedom of the press by a bunch of Europeans. Instead, the Times’ fear of Islam, its Islamophobia, caused the great Grey Lady of the Fourth Estate, the most respected voice in American print media, to roll over and play dead. This is dangerous, craven Islamophobia.
And the Times is still playing dead. It has failed to report adequately on an even more egregious and harmful example of Islamophobia afflicting the American publishing industry. Random House has just cancelled the publication of a book about one of Muhammad’s wives explicitly because of fear of a violent Muslim reaction.[5] The major American media outlets, both print and electronic, have absorbed the lessons of the Muhammad cartoon riots, and the Salman Rushdie affair, and the slaughter of Theo Van Gogh, etc., etc. They are intimidated into silence by their Islamophobia. They’ve become like slaves, so accustomed to the feel of the lash that they flinch at the mere thought of their master raising his hand. No one rings the alarm at the Times when a major American publishing house cancels publication of a book because they fear Muslim rioting.
Am I afraid of those Muslims who do not use the Koran as justification for murder and terrorism? No. Do I fear radical Islam? I already admitted that I did. Maybe that makes me a “radical Islamophobe.” But am I cowed by my fear of radical Islamists? Absolutely not. I will continue to stand up and tell the truth. Will anyone on the staff of the New York Times admit that they fear radical Islam, and they are cowed by their fear? Almost certainly not. On the contrary, they would probably protest loudly that the opposite is true. But their actions, and their editorial policy, speak louder than their protestations. They are also Islamophobes, but of a different stripe.
If I were a New York Times Islamophobe instead of a Brigitte Gabriel Islamophobe, I could no longer say I come from the land of the free and the home of the brave.
1 These newspapers are the New York Sun, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Austin American-Statesman. William J. Bennett and Alan M. Dershowitz, “A Failure of the Press”, Washington Post, Thursday, February 23, 2006, page A19,
2 The Boston Phoenix, as reported by Jeff Jacoby, “When fear cows the media”, Boston Globe, February 19, 2006,
3 Jacoby, Id.
4 Alan Cowell, “More European Papers Print Cartoons of Muhammad, Fueling Dispute With Muslims”, New York Times, February 2, 2006,
Brigitte Gabriel is the author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America and the founder of American Congress for She is an expert on the Middle East and lectures nationally and internationally on the subject

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Royal Navy won't fight pirates 'in case they claim asylum'

Royal Navy won't fight pirates 'in case they claim asylum': "British Foreign Office officials are understood to have advised the Royal Navy not to confront or arrest pirates in the region for fear of transgressing human rights legislation or encouraging their seeking asylum once taken to the UK"

The British Royal Navy, once the scourge of pirates everywhere, has been advised not to apprehend or even confront Somali pirates on the Horn of Africa lest these pirates claim asylum and a life on the dole in the U.K. Once in Britain they better not illegally download any music to their MP3 players otherwise they would face the full majesty of British Justice.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Accused of anti-Semitism, Ahmadinejad meets Jews | International | Reuters

Accused of anti-Semitism, Ahmadinejad meets Jews International Reuters

Neturei Karta is a fringe group of loons who believe Israel should not exist. They exist only to be used for propaganda by Islamaniacs, Antisemites, the Associated Press and Reuters who make sure to photograph and write about them every single time they surface at an anti-Israel event. And they’re at every high profile anti-Israel event. While Islamo-hate-preachers rave about the annihilation of Israel these kooks stand by and nod approvingly.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

SteynOnline - Home

SteynOnline - Home:
"BREAKING NEWS: There's a rumor going around that the three pretend judges of the British Columbia 'Human Rights' Tribunal will announce their verdict Friday at 12 noon Pacific"

My guess is that the sock puppets hopes will be ruined by the roo's ruling and will rue the fact that taxpayers will not finance any appeal. Macleans Magazine will win even if it loses because a real court will uphold freedom of speech.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our World: Your abortions or your lives! | Columnists | Jerusalem Post

Our World: Your abortions or your lives! Columnists Jerusalem Post: "the New York Sun published the speech that Republican vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would have delivered at that day's rally outside UN headquarters in New York against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and against Iran's plan to destroy Israel. She would have delivered it, if she hadn't been disinvited."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Naomi Wolf: The Battle Plan II: Sarah "Evita" Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State

Naomi Wolf: The Battle Plan II: Sarah "Evita" Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State

Yes this is the same Naomi Wolf, noted dhimmi in an earlier blog, who now writes this paranoid piece as Sarah Palin either as an evil mastermind or as a pawn in a mindbogglingly complex conspiracy. Oh well here is a little song for a lady on her way to the Casa Blanca as imagined by Democrats.

Don't drill for me Alaska
On the wildlife reserve we'll never let you
Keep your end time beliefs, you haunted churches
Vote Obama!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Religion of Peace

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Gates of Vienna: Text of Geert Wilders’ Speech to Parliament

Gates of Vienna: Text of Geert Wilders’ Speech to Parliament

This speech by Geert Wilders to the Netherlands' Parliament was being broadcast live on Dutch state television but they "pulled the plug" as it were midway through the speech. It is always worthwhile to hear something that someone else does not want you to hear. Give it a read.

Friday, September 19, 2008

YouTube - Galloway Defends Islamic Extremists

YouTube - Galloway Defends Islamic Extremists

This guy should get the Ultimate Dhimmi Award except he his probably a crypto Islamist himself'

AKI - Adnkronos international Germany: Cologne braces for anti-Islam protesters amid fears of violence

AKI - Adnkronos international Germany: Cologne braces for anti-Islam protesters amid fears of violence

Here is a story that may become prominent in the news over the next few days. The natives are getting restless about the continuing colonization of Europe by Muslims. If there is violence odds are that it will be instigated by Islamo=fascists but blamed on the anti-Islam protesters.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DVD on radical Islam offends Lemoyne recipient - Midstate PA Local News, Weather, Sports & Entertainment -

DVD on radical Islam offends Lemoyne recipient - Midstate PA Local News, Weather, Sports & Entertainment -

The Dhimmi Award for the day goes to Sally Lopez!

"Sally Lopez said she opened the mailbox at her Lemoyne home on Monday and found a DVD entitled 'Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West." - The Patriot-News

"My thing is, I'm not stupid. There are definitely radical Islamic cells all over the world, but we also have the Aryan Nation, the [Ku Klux Klan], all kinds of hate groups out there," Lopez said. "They're just instilling fear in us. I'm tired of living in fear."

Sure lady, like the Aryan Nations and/or the Ku Klux Klan are responsible for over 10,000 terrorist murders since 9/11.

Middle East Online

Middle East Online

"The marriage of nine-year-old girls is not forbidden because according to the Hadith (the Prophet Mohammed's sayings), Mohammed married Aisha when she was only seven-years-old and he consummated his union when she was nine," wrote Sheikh Mohamed Ben Abderrahman Al-Maghraoui on his website (

Even a prominent Islamic theologian endorses pedophilia, makes one think, does it not?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Woman TV executive 'sacked by Al Jazeera for being white, Christian, British female' | Mail Online

Woman TV executive 'sacked by Al Jazeera for being white, Christian, British female' Mail Online

Jo Burgin, dismissed by TV network Al Jazeera, has launched a one million pound claim against her former employer before a British Employment Tribunal. It seems that this 49 year old television journalist was unaware that an Islamic Arabic network based in Qatar would be racist, sexist and harbour anti-Western sentiment.
Avi Lewis the ex-CBC journalist, son of Steven Lewis and Michelle Landsberg, also has taken a position with Al Jazeera. Perhaps one day he will discover that his Arab employer harbours hatred toward Jews.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

PAKISTAN Christian girl, kidnapped and converted by Muslims, returned to family - Asia News

PAKISTAN Christian girl, kidnapped and converted by Muslims, returned to family - Asia News

Muslims are as Muslims do is the moral of this story of two Christian girls, thirteen and ten years of age, kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. The ten year old was returned to her family but, despite official documentation. was judged to be sixteen and left in the custody of the kidnappers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Islam Is Not » Winds Of Jihad

What Islam Is Not » Winds Of Jihad

Find out what the "Relgion of Peace" really teaches in the largest Mosque in Britian, if you dare.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Islamophobia Watch - Home - Racists gather for Cologne anti-Islam rally

Islamophobia Watch - Home - Racists gather for Cologne anti-Islam rally

I am confused. What race is Islam? Last time I checked Arabs, Iranians, Kurds, Turks et cetera were Caucasians like myself but not all of them are Islamic. Many from Africa are, of course, black people who are Islamic, but not all black people from Africa are Islamic, some are Christians or animists or even atheists like Nelson Mandela. In Indonesia, which has the most people of the Islamic faith, the majority ethnic group are the Javanese but some of these are Hindus, Buddhists or even Christian. Would someone please explain to me what race Islam is?

FrontPage Magazine

FrontPage Magazine: "'Neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals have any interest in this. Their effort is to appease these Islamist groups. They don't wish to offend, and therefore the Islamists can walk over and literally blackmail politicians and the liberal intelligentsia into not saying a word about it."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Behind the veil lives a thriving Muslim sexuality - Opinion -

Behind the veil lives a thriving Muslim sexuality - Opinion -

Naomi Wolf, noted feminist author, writes about the liberating effect of wearing a chador. She waxes eloquently on the public demureness and propriety of Muslim women versus the private allure, seduction and pleasure at home in the context of marital intimacy. Naomi, I would recommend you get a clitorectomy, enjoy the cursory beatings, and no more talking in public for you. Enjoy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Gangmaster who raped journalism student in Calais may have fled to Britain | Mail Online

Gangmaster who raped journalism student in Calais may have fled to Britain Mail Online

A thirty something journalism student, originally from Vancouver, was foolish and naive enough to visit a Calais migrant camp alone at night and as brutally raped by as many as ten men. She very nearly won a Darwin Award for her efforts and certainly she qualifies for an honourable mention. While the perpetrators of this appalling crime are responsible for their actions, it is incumbent on everyone to keep out of harms way. After reading this story my first thought was: what the hell was this woman thinking?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winds of Jihad Denial of Service Attack » Winds Of Jihad

Winds of Jihad Denial of Service Attack » Winds Of Jihad

Looks like the Winds of Jihad is back after a denial of service attack had downed it for a few days. Not that I am hinting that some of the followers of the "religion of peace" are behind this because I sure anyone reading this can figure it out. Anyway somebody thinks you should not be able to check out this site which is a good a reason as any to do so.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Academics fear speaking freely in Canada

Academics fear speaking freely in Canada

Follow this link to a story about an international conference that may cancel because "professors signing the petition are concerned that recent human rights commission investigations into Maclean's and Western Standard magazines over articles concerning Islam."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pakistan, la denuncia: ecco i volti della violenza sulle donne - Galleria -

Pakistan, la denuncia: ecco i volti della violenza sulle donne - Galleria -

It may help it you, gentle reader, if you understand Italian but it is not necessary to understand this horror. This shows how women in Pakistan are treated who do not cover themselves in a burka and thus are punished for being immodest. Anyway brace yourself.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant

This is an article about two hate crimes and the fact that Canada's human rights industry is interested in punishing people who deny the last Holocaust rather than people planning the next one. Some neo-Nazi loser writing blogs in his parent's basement is what "He who must not be named" is trolling for, not the real fascists propagating like Islamist ideology.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - Mark Bonokoski - Waste no tears on Khadr - Mark Bonokoski - Waste no tears on Khadr

The best that can be said about Omar Khadr is that he is not a terrorist or an "unlawful combatant" but a prisoner of war. That he was only 15 years old when captured is true enough but according to Sharia Law a boy becomes a man at 13 years of age. Why not take Islamists at their word?
The Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners of war is that they should be housed and fed at the same standard as the host countries soldiers and may be held until the end of hostilities. He would be subject to the military discipline of being "confined to barracks." Since the "War on Terror" will continue indefinitely young Omar Khadr may well be a geriatric case when and if he is released.
Even if he is convicted by the military tribunal of a war crime, the murder of Sgt. Christopher Speers, it is unlikely that the death penalty would be imposed but more probably life imprisonment. I say spare the American taxpayers the expense of a trial and keep him in a P.O.W. camp until al-Qaida and Islamo-Fascism are defeated.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mail online - Peter Hitchens

Mail online - Peter Hitchens

The Arch-Dhimmi of Canterbury's fawning offends Islam not Christianity. What offends them about western civilization is drunkenness, crudity, pornography et cetera - which offends a lot of other people too, according to Peter Hitchens.

Pat Condell: Islam is Not a Victim » Winds Of Jihad

Pat Condell: Islam is Not a Victim » Winds Of Jihad

If you have not listened to one of Pat Condell's rants you do not know what you are missing. If he was a Canadian the likes of "he who cannot be named" from the human rights industry would have shut him down a long time ago. This one concerns the Sock Puppets which I have covered in previous posts who have done more to inspire "Islamophobia" than Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant combined.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Saving the slaves - The Denver Post

Saving the slaves - The Denver Post

If you have seen the movie Amazing Grace you might be think the slave trade ended in 1807 but you would be wrong. Since the Quran permits killing and enslavement of infidels, Janaweed (devil on horseback) and Arab slave traders have been killing and capturing Christians and animists in the Sudan. Read the article if you dare because if you do then you cannot say you do not know.

In the Tao Te Ching there are these very wise lines:
When Tao is lost, there is goodness
When goodness is lost, there is kindness
When kindness is lost, there is justice
When justice is lost, there is ritual
Now ritual is the husk of faith and loyalty, the beginning of confusion.

From time to time the United Nations goes through the ritual of condemning genocide and ordering sanctions against Sudan (which are vetoed by China) and the International Court of Justice issues indictments but chaos in Dafur continues.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Human Rights Complaint Now Lodged against Ezra Levant's Accuser

Human Rights Complaint Now Lodged against Ezra Levant's Accuser

Syed Soharwady, the Calgary Iman who complained to the Alberta Human Rights Commission about Ezra Levant publishing the "Danish Cartoons" in the now defunct Western Standard, is himself facing the Canadian Human Rights Commission. While I must admit feelings of schadenfeude knowing he is getting a taste of his own medicine this is still not a good thing. These human rights commissions and tribunals have no business prosecuting people for what they say or believe not matter how misguided they might be or who they might be whether Syed Soharwady or Marc Lemire it is all the same.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dallas City Hall Blog | The Dallas Morning News

Dallas City Hall Blog The Dallas Morning News

Now we go from the ridiculous to the sublime but it would seem that, in Dallas at least, the Universe is racist. The politically correct term for a gravitationally collapsed object thought to reside in the centre of galaxies and the remains of super giant stars after a super nova are to be called African-American Holes. It is hoped, dear reader, that you will not be too spooked by this blog but if you are please do not be niggardly in your comments.

Toddlers who dislike spicy food racist, say report - Telegraph

Toddlers who dislike spicy food racist, say report - Telegraph

Nothing like making Dhimmis while they are young. My imagination is not that good, I could not make this up. Babies and toddlers who grimace and say things like "yuk" when feed spicy foods are to be considered racists in Britainistan. Something to keep in mind for parents and caregivers to small children: if they are fussy eaters they are racists.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gates of Vienna: It’s a Dog’s Life: Training to be a Dhimmi

Gates of Vienna: It’s a Dog’s Life: Training to be a Dhimmi

Here is an interesting item I discovered. At the title says it is all about Dhimmi training and the things you need to know to be a good Dhimmi. This and Islamic lawfare are what we face in Canada rather than outright terrorism. In an Orwellian nightmare Human Rights Laws are being used to suppress freedom of speech were the process is the punishment, the idea is to wear down the defendant or "respondent" with legal costs in an unending series of hearings a' la Kafka.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Women 'enslaved' by Arab royals - Telegraph

Women 'enslaved' by Arab royals - Telegraph

Now it would seem that slavery has returned to the heart of Europe compliments of Islamic ideology. Arab Royals bring their slaves with them to Belgium which has caused a diplomatic row when one of the slaves managed to escape the chic and pricey Conrad Hotel in Brussels. Slavery may be acceptable in the U.A.E. and other parts of the Arab world but to see it in Europe makes one wonder when and if it might come back to North America.
Slavery was ended in North America in 1865 at the expense of an enormous amount of blood and treasure so to see it make a comeback is really depressing.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Muslims in Britain should be able to live under Sharia law, says top judge - Telegraph

Muslims in Britain should be able to live under Sharia law, says top judge - Telegraph

Check this out, first the Arch Dhimmi of Canterbury and now the Lord Chief Justice of Britianistan favour the introduction of Sharia Law. Sad to see the home of Common Law is soon to be part of the Caliphate. Mark Steyn was sure right about how it will be America Alone.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ezra Levant: The ‘Canadian Human Rights Commission’ Blinks » Winds Of Jihad

Ezra Levant: The ‘Canadian Human Rights Commission’ Blinks » Winds Of Jihad

It remains to be seen if the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal will have the same sense of self preservation and dismiss the case against Macleans brought by the sock puppets. Meanwhile they still do not have enough to do so they are now in the business of policing jokes.
Did you hear the one about two drunken lesbians: Heckle and Jeckle who went into a comedy club called Zesty's? They heckled, flipped the bird and played tonsil hockey which annoyed the M.C. of the open mike night so much that he said they was too fat and ugly to be lesbians and for guys in the audience to put cocks in their mouths to shut them up. If I was there I would laugh because that is really funny.
Seems to me that these two over served harpies should be investigated for liquor violations.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Islam in Europe: Brussels: Less and less women on the street

Islam in Europe: Brussels: Less and less women on the street

Islamo-Fascist thugs rule the streets of Brussels much like S.A. brownshirts did in Germany in the 1930's. They rape women publicly in railway stations with impunity and without shame because they are within the bounds of Sharia Law. If you doubt this read this interview with a prominant Imam:

Rape of infidel women:

Naqabi Woman: “One eyed hooked Imam Hamza Mesri said muslims can kill British infidels and have sex with their wives and daughters, Do you agree with him?”
Imam: “It is not what Imam Hamza said nor is there a question of my agreeing with him or not. It is in Quran thus those are Allah’s orders.”
N.W.: “But why would Allah tell muslims to kill and rape innocent non muslims?”
Imam: “Because Non-muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet. If you don’t believe me, here is the legal authority, the top muslim lawyer of Britain, Anjem Choudhary.”
N.W. “ But our Prophet was sent as a mercy for all the humanity; he never hurt any body in his life”
Imam: “Yes he never hurt a muslim in his life. But Allah said non-muslim are lowest beasts and worst creatures in ayas 8.22,8.55,95.5 and 98.6 and muslim are ordered to kill them.”
N.W.:” But did prophet approve of killing them and raping their wives?”
Imam: “Yes he did. He not only approved of such acts, he and his sahabas practiced it regularly under Allah’s orders. He was helpless in it… If you don’t believe me , you have to believe sahih hadiths. I will quote you two hadiths about his typical day after a raid. These hadiths are about the raid on jewish village Khaibar whose chief was Kinana who had gorgeous 17 year old wife Safia. Prophet tortured and beheaded Kinana in front of Safia and raped her all night afterwards.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FrontPage Magazine

FrontPage Magazine Free Speech Dies at the U.N.

Now it seems the United Nations is following Canada in banning freedom of speech especially when criticising Islamo-Fascism. Christianity is still fair game but that is to be expected as it is essentially a sect of Judaism which the U.N. has equated with racism in the past.
At the United Nations Human Rights Council it is out of bounds to discuss subjects like genital mutilation of women, stoning of adulteresses and hanging gay men. Since it takes two to tango it is strange that we do not hear much of adulterers being stoned to death under Sharia Law.
Man gets death sentence for blasphemy in Pakistan while Catholic Insight is being prosecuted by the Canadian Human Rights Commission based on a complaint by a gay activist Rob Wells. He argues the material on the magazine's website "does not represent Catholic teaching" . When was Rob Wells elected pope? The ultimate arbiter of what is and what is not Catholic teaching is, at the present time, a fellow in Rome who goes by the name of Benedict XVI.
Gay men are hanged in Iran and the only construction projects in Taliban ruled Afghanistan were stone walls built only to be toppled on the heads of gays. Now that is real "gay bashing!" Wells claims he has found more than a dozen articles on the magazine's website that violate the rights of gays and lesbians which means, apparently, gays and lesbians have a "right" not to be offended. Gay activists and the fascists of Islam should learn this childhood ditty: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's about time to expose a double face major spreader of global terror ideology and terrorists: Mubarak of Egypt - SONS OF APES AND PIGS

It's about time to expose a double face major spreader of global terror ideology and terrorists: Mubarak of Egypt - SONS OF APES AND PIGS

Islam is as Islamists do is the moral of this story coming to your neighbourhood some day. It seem being a good dhimmi is not enough anymore in Egypt. I was thinking of visiting Egypt some day, do the tourist thing like seeing the pyramids, valley of the kings and all that but not anymore. That would be way too dangerous. The only good thing about Islamists is that they are a lot better at killing each other than us infidels.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Indonesia: Ahmadiyya mosques under siege » Winds Of Jihad

Indonesia: Ahmadiyya mosques under siege » Winds Of Jihad

Normally I am not fond of rap music but this link has an amusing YouTube video nested in it. The article is about how a dissident sect of Islam is being persecuted in Indonesia. A familiar enough story of the fate of Christians and Hindus in that country. The moral of this story is that if there are not enough "infidels" for them to kill they will find some "heretics" instead.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 | News | First-degree murder charge in Aqsa Parvez death News First-degree murder charge in Aqsa Parvez death

Having lived in Toronto for twelve years (1991 to 2003) I would have thought that in Ontario that "honour killing" was part of the multi-cultural mosaic. Dalton McGuinty wanted to introduce Sharia Law in Ontario and may yet. Of course it remains to be seen if the prosecution may secure a conviction. The defence will probably demand that the jurors be selected from among the members of the mosque of the accused. Something about being judged by one's peers as if burglars are tried before a jury of convicts rather than honest folks.

Even if Muhammad Parvez is convicted we taxpayers will have the privilege of paying seventy grand a year to house him in some club fed where he will be catered to his halal diet while he works on his golf handicap, tennis serve or horseback riding. Meanwhile, now doubt, his better eighths will collect welfare. Better to deport him back to whatever fourth world excuse for a country he came from - that would be punishment.

Monday, June 16, 2008

five feet of fury. ('islamophobic' before they invented the word.)

five feet of fury. ('islamophobic' before they invented the word.)

This is a quote from an E-mail to Muzzamil Siddiqui

"Sometimes hatred is justified, even a duty.
If people hate Muslims, blame the likes of admitted terrorism supporter Mohammed Elmasry and his three law student dupes, who brought Maclean's to court, and, among other things, condemned Mark Steyn's use of 'sarcasm' and 'subtle intellectual arguments.'
It's a sad commentary when even the so-called educated members of your 'community' -- three law school graduates -- can't appreciate basic English literary devices that date back to Chaucer.
But then again, Muslims don't care much for books, do they?
Except for the Koran, which contains more hate speech than every issue of Maclean's published in the last hundred years put together."

Now this is a lady who is not a dhimmi but, do I dare say the word, Crusader? She is only stating the obvious - except perhaps to the human rights apparatchiks - that the real hate mongers are the Islamo-Facsists. Incidentally a phobia is not hatred but fear. In light of the events of 11 September 2001 we in the west should be afraid, very afraid.

- Google News

- Google News

Here is an index of news items documenting the evaporation of free speech in Canada. Even The Toronto Star, apologist for the politically correct, has come to the belated realization that these Human Rights Tribunals/Commissions are fascist courts suppressing the right to free expression. It will not be long before major newspapers themselves must answer to these modern day Star Chambers for subjecting an identifiable group, the governing party and civil servants, to hatred and contempt for criticizing government policies.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ahmed Bedier: Me and my Doudou » Winds Of Jihad

Ahmed Bedier: Me and my Doudou » Winds Of Jihad
Anyone interested in any real hate crimes? Just click on the link above to find some really depressing accounts.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mocking the Devil

C. S. Lewis said something to the effect that the devil cannot stand to be mocked which explains, perhaps, why the Sock Puppets are so thin skinned.

Check out this link for some amusement:

Ezra Levant on the human-rights show trial of Christian pastor Stephen Boissoin - Full Comment

Ezra Levant on the human-rights show trial of Christian pastor Stephen Boissoin - Full Comment

Another item from the show trial circut. Islam very critical of the gay lifestyle so why are Imams not being tried for homophobia? I have read some very harsh remarks about gays attributed to some of them. Just wondering that is all. No way they should be prosecuted for this, after all I do believe in free speech. Maybe because Yassar Arafat played for the homophiles they get some slack cut. Besides my understanding is that he was a pitcher not a catcher.

Jordanian group wants Wilders tried over Fitna » Winds Of Jihad

Jordanian group wants Wilders tried over Fitna » Winds Of Jihad

Things are the same all over. It seems the Islamo Fascists in Eurabia are playing the same game as here in Canukistan. I have to give them my grudging admiration as they seem to have the will to power. Nietzsche said God was dead in the nineteenth century but I think He will be resurrected as Allah in the twenty first. Good thing I will be dead before that happens.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Full transcript of Geert Wilders speech in the Danish Parliament » Winds Of Jihad

Click on the link above for the full text of Geert Wilders, Dutch politician and producer of the controversial film Fitna, speaking to the Danish Parliament.
It is a long read but worth it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waiting for the Fat Lady to Sing

While Macleans Magazine lawyer Julian Porter certainly earned his $800 per hour retainer it is a forgone conclusion that the marsupial court will convict Macleans of likely exposing Muslims to hatred an contempt despite the fact that none of the complainants showed up to testify or are even residents of British Columbia. How could they not? There is no defense to such a charge such as fair comment or the truth. Now if the Kangaroos are smart they would dismiss this mutt of a case with costs against the complainants because it would be in their own self interest to do so. Macleans has the will and the deep pockets to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. By then these three stooges will have to find a real job.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sock puppets do the perp walk 2 June 2008

Unfortunately my fellow free speech protesters had the uncanny knack for getting into my shot waving their blank placards and blocking the view when either of them were facing my camera. This then is some stills I cut out of the video where you can get a face view. Most of the video as I say was blocked by the handful of protesters or a passerby. That is why I did not upload the video as it is too annoying to look at.