Saturday, August 1, 2009

Et cognoscetis veritatem

Strange that modern feminists like Naomi Klein do not display any outrage against honour killings here in Canada. They take considerable umbrage that the Roman Catholic Church will not admit women to the priesthood but seem oblivious to honour killings done in the name of Islam. They must think this is just another quaint custom, like suttee in the Hindu religion, which enrich the multicultural mosaic which is Canada.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hostis Humani Generis

In 75 BC, Julius Caesar was captured by Cilician pirates, who infested the Mediterranean sea. The Romans had never sent a navy against them, because the pirates offered the Roman senators slaves, which they needed for their plantations in Italy. As a consequence, piracy was common.
In chapter 2 of his Life of Julius Caesar, the Greek author Plutarch of Chaeronea (46-c.120) describes what happened when Caesar encountered the pirates. The translation below was made by Robin Seager.

First, when the pirates demanded a ransom of twenty talents, Caesar burst out laughing. They did not know, he said, who it was that they had captured, and he volunteered to pay fifty. Then, when he had sent his followers to the various cities in order to raise the money and was left with one friend and two servants among these Cilicians, about the most bloodthirsty people in the world, he treated them so highhandedly that, whenever he wanted to sleep, he would send to them and tell them to stop talking.
For thirty-eight days, with the greatest unconcern, he joined in all their games and exercises, just as if he was their leader instead of their prisoner. He also wrote poems and speeches which he read aloud to them, and if they failed to admire his work, he would call them to their faces illiterate savages, and would often laughingly threaten to have them all hanged. They were much taken with this and attributed his freedom of speech to a kind of simplicity in his character or boyish playfulness.
However, the ransom arrived from Miletus and, as soon as he had paid it and been set free, he immediately manned some ships and set sail from the harbor of Miletus against the pirates. He found them still there, lying at anchor off the island, and he captured nearly all of them. He took their property as spoils of war and put the men themselves into the prison at Pergamon. He then went in person to [Marcus] Junius, the governorof Asia, thinking it proper that he, as praetor in charge of the province, should see to the punishment of the prisoners. Junius, however, cast longing eyes at the money, which came to a considerable sum, and kept saying that he needed time to look into the case.
Caesar paid no further attention to him. He went to Pergamon, took the pirates out of prison and crucified the lot of them, just as he had often told them he would do when he was on the island and they imagined that he was joking.

Contrast this with the catch and release policy of the NATO. Dutch commandos capture Somali pirates who hijacked a Yemeni fishing dhow to use as a mother ship. Since this was not a Netherlands flagged ship, they were not in Netherlands waters and none of the hostages were citizens of the Netherlands they freed the pirates to commit more piracy another day. With rules of engagement like these it is unlikely that this plague of piracy will end anytime soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dormit secure, cui non est functio curae

As predicted Somali pirate lawfare has begun. Perhaps the reason shipping companies and governments are all too happy to allow these pirates to collect ransoms is that it is cheaper than fighting them in court.

Somali 'pirate' suing

14 April 2009, 22:52 CET
(BERLIN) - A Somali suspected
pirate filed a lawsuit against Germany Tuesday for what he called his inhumane
treatment since being handed over to Kenyan authorities, court documents said.

The German navy patrolling the Gulf of Aden captured the plaintiff,
identified as Ali Mohamed A.D., last month when he allegedly tried to seize a
freighter, the MV Courier.

He was transferred to Kenya along with eight
other Somali suspects for prosecution in the port city of Mombasa under an EU
agreement with the east African country.

The plaintiff's lawyer Oliver
Wallasch said his client was seeking 10,000 euros (13,300 dollars) from the
German government before the Berlin regional court for damages incurred after
his "unlawful" transfer to Kenya.

Drum head court marshals on the deck of a naval ship and, if convicted of piracy, then a firing squad or hanging and burial at sea should be their fate.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Impunitas semper ad deteriora invitat

Somalis traditionaly have held Kenyans in contempt and they are dissing Kenyan born Barrak Hussien Obama big time by attacking another U.S. flagged ship Liberty Sun.

Somali pirates attacked and damaged an American ship carrying humanitarian
aid Tuesday, but the ship and crew were safe under Navy escort, the military and
shipping company said.

Somalian pirates seize 2 more ships, fire on other vessel Apparently undeterred by the might of the armada of many nations including Canada, France and the U.S. arrayed against them, Somali pirates seized the Lebanese-owned cargo ship MV Sea Horse, the Greek-managed bulk carrier MV Irene E.M. and two Egyptian fishing boats. That is over a hundred new hostages in a single day which means that this rag tag gang of quat chewing brigands is capable of taking on the navies of the world. They know perfectly well that if they are attacked it is the officers and men of these navies will be tried by the International Criminal Court, not them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Non diu morabor

Anarchore left a remark "Is this a Kike Log?" which only goes to prove that it is really hard not to write satire. Gratifying as it is to know that someone, somewhere actually reads this drivel the tone is a tad disturbing, sort of like if asking if this is a "N*gg*r Log," it says a lot about the character of whomever wrote it. Methinks the author could be a Neo-Nazi/Islamo-Fascist or just a useful idiot for the Islamic cause, probably the latter.
Make a blog entry about how the President of the United States abases himself before the Saudi King and this moron thinks this is about Zionism. Bring up the subject of the growing threat of Islamic Fascism to world peace and somehow this is all about Jews. Granted Israel is the canary in the coal mine and if that nation succumbs to Islam then Western Europe will soon sink into the same barbarous swamp.
The only good thing about Islam is that Muslims are a lot better at killing each other than Kuffar. Moderate Islamists are like moderate Nazis and if they have their way we may look forward to moderate honour killings of women by male relatives, moderate clitorectomies of young girls, moderate hangings of gay men, moderate beheadings of apostates from Islam and a new moderate Dark Age.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Casus fortuitus non est spectandus; et nemo tenetur divinare

Just wondering how long it will take some Spanish judge or perhaps the International Criminal Court in the Hague to issue an arrest warrant for Barrak Obama for authorizing lethal force to free Richard Phillips, the skipper of the Maersk Alabama, from Somali pirates. One can only hope the U.S. Navy can conceal the identities of the Navy Seals who killed these pirates otherwise they could face arrest outside the United States.
As for the 16 year old pirate the U.S.N. managed to take alive, he will soon become the next Omar Khadr. Network talking heads will no doubt argue that prosecuting this young man will encourage even more young men from Somalia will enter the pirate trade and Democratic Party Congressmen will rise to intone that America is not living up to it's highest ideals by being punitive. Had he been captured by the British Royal Navy he could have claimed political asylum under the European Human Rights Act and lived a life of leisure at British taxpayer expense for the rest of his life. If he is smart he will give U.S. intelligence agencies information on Somali pirate operations and disappear into witness protection on U.S. taxpayer tab.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Difficile est saturam non scribere

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and the one below says much more than that.

Here is Barrak Hussien Obama, President of the United States, at the G 20 Conference bowing to King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia! The President of the United States would be considered, in matters of diplomatic protocol, at least the equal of the King of Saudi Arabia so a curt nod of the head would have been sufficient. Even King Abdulla seems startled by this gaff or perhaps a Freudian slip. Obama is acknowledging his status as a dhimmi.