Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SteynOnline - CHRC: Infidels are not a protected category

SteynOnline - CHRC: Infidels are not a protected category:
"Commission canadienne des droits de la personne - S’attaquer aux gais, aux occidentales et aux juifs n’est pas nĂ©cessairement haineux"
So according to the Canadian Human Rights Commission if you are a christian pastor who objects to gay marriage you will be subjected to a lifetime speech ban. However, if you are a Muslim imam who says, among other things: homosexuality is a perversion and spreads disorder, gays and lesbians should be exterminated, those caught preforming sodomy should be beheaded, infidels (non Muslims) live like animals, men are superior to women, Jews spread corruption and chaos, Christianity is a religion of lies which goes against human nature which is the reason the West is full of perversity, corruption and adultery - all this is protected speech. Why? Because attacking Gays, Jews and Christians is not necessarily heinous according to the Lynch mob.
Here caution is warranted because it is okay for a Muslim Imam to say these things (which is as it should be as freedom of speech includes drivel) but some have faced a week long trial at the B.C.H.R.T. kangaroo court for quoting such Imams. Anyway read more for yourself here.

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