Sunday, February 22, 2009

‘loquendi libertatum custodiamus’

Geert Wilders gave a speech in Rome 19 February 2009 on the subject of free speech on the occasion of receiving the Oriani Fallici Award. He describes free speech as a right which is under threat from Islamo-Fascists and their socialist allies. The Gates of Vienna provides a transcript.
Oddly enough this is the birthday murdered Dutch anti-Islam politician Dr. Pim Fortuyn who said let us guard freedom of speech.

The concept of the right to freedom of speech is being inverted from the United Nations to the Dominion of Canada. The U.N. Human Rights Commission no longer protects individuals from arbitrary governments repressing free expression but now seeks prosecution for those "abusing free speech" to criticize government. In Canada the media was supposed to be the watchdog over government now it is proposed that the government be the watchdog over the media through compulsory "Press Councils."
It seems that blogs, including this one, may have to be vetted by some sort of quasi-government agency before being published.

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