Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam

A few thoughts as Holocaust Remeberance day passes:

Pope Benedict XVI drops the excommunication of a holocaust denying bishop. According to R.C. Cannon Law holocaust denial, while a despicable opinion, is not strictly speaking heresy or apostasy which are the only sins that rate the ultimate penalty of excommunication. It is possible to believe all sorts of nonsense like Elvis lives, UFO alien abductions or even Global Warming and still be a good Catholic.

Lukea, a town in Sweden canceled it's Hologaust remembrance program in protest of the Gaza war although some residents held an unoffical ceremony anyway.

A new "Blood Libel" is appearing in the Middle East:

That is the 'New Blood Libel' - the charge that the modern Jewish State murders
Palestinian civilians, especially children, in the name of Zionism. At rallies
around the world organized by Muslims protesting Israel's recent invasion of
Gaza, the chants of "baby killers" and "Israelis are Nazis!" were repeated again
and again by the protestors. These sickening accusations have been picked up by
Western media outlets and flashed on television and computer screens all over
the world. The time has come for Jews and non-Jews-defenders of democracy and
Israel's right to exist as a sovereign Jewish State-to respond to the haters of
Israel and expose their new charge of blood libel to be as destructive and
utterly untruthful as the medieval accusation.

"Jihad" Carter the most incompetent U.S. President (so far) says Hamas can be trusted. Trusted to kill Jews no doubt. Jimmy Carter tells Hamas to 'Be like Gandhi' - which makes him either a useful idiot or or a sinister creep.

Meanwhile back in Canada a "Conservative" government has decided to spend the country out of debt. Sigh.

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